Fluids, Adjustments, Safety

Maintenance is not only an essential part of motorcycle ownership, it can make the difference between safe riding and getting stranded-- or worse, taking a spill.

Let the profressionals at HVM use their honed skills and trained eyes to look over your motorcycle before and during every riding season.

We are more then happy to simply give your bike a free safety check, take care of that oil change you have been putting off, or cover the entire barrage of mileage based service items that OEM manufacturers specifically outline for your particular machine and corresponding mileage.

Bring your vehicle in with the peace of mind that we will treat it as if it were our own. All of our staff is trained to take great care while working on and around your baby. We take the extra steps required to insure that your machine remains safe to operate, that all it's needs are met for safety and longevity, and that you get it back in better condition then it came in.


Rebuild, Synchronize, Modify, & Tune

- Has your tater' become badly gunked up?

- Does it leak fuel all over your garage floor?

- Is your drivability, fuel economy, or overall enjoyment suffering due to tuning problems?

Let the experts at HVM service your carb(s) and get your machine running better then it ever did!

We have years of experiance and the right set of tools to precisely tune, modify, clean, rebuild, and syncrhonize your carburetor based fuel delivery system.

We use our vast tuning knowledge & performance tricks to get you the most out of many specific carburetor makes & models.

Our advanced carburetor work often far surpasses the very basic carburetor services that many other shops solely provide.


Professional Methods, Tools, & Results

- Need a basic wash?
- An all out show quality detail?
- Scratch(s) or marring removed?
- A ding or dent pulled out?
- Faded plastics restored?
- Long term sealant & UV protection applied?

There are many detailers out there, and then there is us. We do everything from basic gentle hand washes (done the right way) to all out professional show stopping from the ground up details.

No cheap wax & chemical stains, harsh paint protection stripping soaps, old rough towels, or improper method induced scratching is going to damage your baby here.

Our on staff detailer has racked up countless hours behind operating detailing machines and untold experiance (and thousnads of dollars) using the best professional OEM grade cleaners, polishes, compounds, glazes, sealers, dressings, waxes, UV Protectants, & new nano technology paint care chemicals & systems that money can buy.


Power Gains, Drivability, & Fuel Economy

HVM tunes all vehicles in house & posesses one of the areas only Mustang Eddie Current brake dynamometers.

While most dynos are busy freewheeling a weighted drum, we actually place a variable load at the tire that more realisticly simmulates your machine driving down the road under various conditions.

This greatly improves the real world accuracy of your tune and allows us to do things such as breaking in a new engine or tuning troublesome areas that occur at different load conditions far more effectively.

Our dyno tuning prices are competitive and reasonable; we tune eveything from the most basic bolt on setups to forced induction monsters.

If you think your bike is running lean, would like better throttle response, more fuel economy, more power, and an overall better running machine; come on in and talk to us!

Our tuning schedule


Diagnostics, Repair, & Custom Projects

The staff at HVM are particularly skilled in the diagnosis and modification of both todays and yesterdays electrical systems & components.

You name it and we have probably done it!

Everything from figuring out difficult intermittent glitches, charging system problems, no spark problems, component failures, and faulty wiring/connections to complex custom installs & modifications.

If you are looking to do clean accent lighting, HID/LED lighting upgrades, wiring harness extensions. stereo systems, CB & HAM radios, vehicle computers, GPS systems, stealth laser jammer/radar detector systems, alarms, audio/video player or phone integration, or anything else be sure to stop on by! We will provide you with professional quality fitment and wiring


Lowest Prices & Large Selection

In need of new tires, wheels, or related components for your Motorcycle, ATV, or Dirtbike?

Head on down and take advantage of our rock bottom installed on the bike and out the door low prices. Not sure what tires you need or want to go with? Looking to get more grip? More mileage? Go wider?

Let our professional and curtious staff make a reccomendation that is right for both you and your application.

In need of replacment tubes, weights/beads, valve stems/valve stem caps, ice/wheel studs, lug nuts, tire repair patches/plugs/tools/kits, portable emergancy air pumps, or anything else? We have got it!

On or off the vehicle we are prepared to deliver the parts and services that you need to keep rolling down the road/trail/track at a
fair and reasonable price point.


Suspension Repair & Customization

Leaky fork seals are dangerous!

If your fork seals are leaking then it is time to come on down to HVM and get them taken care of!

Don't wait until you have fork oil running down your tubes and contaminating your front brakes!

Or maybe you are Looking for a better ride?

If that generic one size fits all factory suspension setup isn't doing it for you, let us tune your suspension to best fit your person and your riding style.

The ride quality and performance that stock suspension components deliver can often be improved drastically.

If you are simply looking for a softer/better ride quality, all out racing/handling performance, or just want the capacity to carry a passenger and more gear; we have something for everyone.

There are some very affordable options that we offer which make a huge differance!